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Brittany and Danny- Engaged!

Brittany and Danny –soon to be– Ennis… In 3 days, these two will tie the knot and become Mr. and Mrs. Danny Ennis! Our engagement session was my chance to get to know the couple who will be getting married on June 16th, 2012 and who will be my first wedding as a photographer! I could not be happier to be photographing this perfect couple’s big day! Brittany and Danny are silly, happy and have the kind of love that people dream of. Brittany and Danny, congrats and I can’t wait for the big day 🙂

The Walls Family

The Walls Family. Full of love for life and especially for one another. I rarely meet people on the spot at a photo shoot and then begin to photograph them, but with these guys I had never met them before the day of the shoot! I was kind of nervous that it would be awkward or that I would be unable to capture the essence of the family since I did not even know them, but right away I knew that I would love them! It didn’t take little Lily 5 minutes to start talking to me, my favorite quote was…

“Hey Lily are you in Kindergarten?”

“No! I go to First Baptist pre-school…you might know of it?”

Needless to say, I had a blast with this precious family. Each of their personalities were shown throughout the entire day and I learned some funny things about them! For example, when I asked who was the most ticklish in the family all three kids darted to daddy and started tickling him!  Not only was this family a blast to work with, they were also so sweet and loving towards each other. When I asked them to kiss mommy’s tummy one of the girls said,

“Its not mommy’s tummy, its our brother Eli!”

I just hope one day that I have a family of my own with as much love for one another that these people have! Tracey and Joey, thank you so much and Cassidy, Lily, Finny (and Eli)…thanks for being so much fun! You guys are awesome!

The Hammond Family

The blog post for this little family is long overdue…everyone, meet the Hammonds. Little Will Hammond entered the world in November, 2011 and is such a  cutie pie! Josh had the  idea to make a photo book and frame some photos for Jenny and Will’s grandmothers, so these pictures were able to make the mother’s day of so many thanks to Josh’s thoughtful gesture!  This was one of the most natural days that I have had with a family in front of my lens. Josh and Jenny have such an amazing love for each other and for their son which is very clear through all of these pictures. Josh and Jenny thank you so much for asking me to photograph your wonderful little family!

This is one of my favorites….someone is gonna look like their daddy!

Hope and Scott- Engaged!

Hope and Scott, two lovebirds from UNC, met freshman year as a part of Catholic Campus Ministries at their school and through the sport of soccer. As it was admitted to me on the photoshoot, Scott only played soccer to win Hope over…oh the things we do for love 😉 We started out on the soccer field, continued through campus and ended up at the spot where Scott proposed to Hope where we got to see a beautiful sunset over the water. The shoot could not have been more perfect! This couple’s relationship is based on friendship, faith and a whole lot of love. Hope and Scott, good luck in all of your future endeavors….especially next year as you move up to Boston College together!


The Keegan Family

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Keegan Family. Jodi and Joey, good friends with my parents, had  baby Bryson last November and since then they have been through so much as a family. It is the least I can say to say that this family is one of the strongest families that I know! Not to mention how stinkin’ cute they are…even if they are Yankees fans 😉 Fully prepared with outfit changes, props, and bubbles…this family’s photoshoot was one of my favorites. Jodi and Joey, thank you so much for letting me photograph your beautiful family!

Jonah- Clayton High School, Class of 2012

Congratulations to Jonah on his soon-to-be graduation from Clayton High School! Jonah is a senior at Clayton High and is a very talented runner and guitar player. He also happens to date the cutest person ever…aka my little sister. Not like I am biased or anything 🙂 Good luck with everything you do Jonah!